theme of conference

Claim to 'greatness' has been a basic instinct of humans. Individuals and collectives have explored concepts of 'superiority' from time to time in various frames. These non-inclusive claims have kept shifting frames starting from geographic domain to physical strength, military might, political dominance, economic maneuvering, finally arriving at technological power. A decade after the end of cold war, competing platforms changed into a single frame of reference "Development" as new identity.

The ultimate goal of development, evolving from 'struggle for existence' to 'बहुजन हिताय बहुजन सुखाय' (welfare and happiness of majority) and finally achieving सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः (let all be happy). Further it turns, twists & questions established concepts about 'development' generating urgent need to initiate an all encompassing interactive discourse for development.

Research contributions may include research papers, case studies, audio-video documentaries, multi-media presentation, poster & pictures giving narrative of research.



Theories of development
Quantification of quality
Goals and target of development
Sustainability challenges
Education for development
Problems of privileges


Happiness index
Gross national contribution
Holistic health
Conflict resolution
Evaluation parameters
Public policy governance
Organic living
Social fabric


Competition to cooperation
Individual to society
Consumption reduction
Dharma based approach
Karma capitalism (Spiritual economics)